Cake Pricing & Flavors

Round Cake Serving Size- 2x2 ½ x3

6”   O4-6$23.00
8”   O10-12$35.00
10” O16-18$45.00
12” O25-30$55.00
14” O35-40$70.00
16” O 45-50$80.00

All CAKES are filled.


Sheet Cake Serving Size 2x2x3

¼- 8x1216-18$45.00
½- 12x1735-45$70.00
FULL- 17x2575-95


A fee will be assessed for last minute orders.


*All cakes include icing flower or balloon decoration.
*Custom designs are additional $25 per hour
*The decorator will choose colors that best fit the order.
*If you choose colors & they’re not our standard colors, a $1.00 fee per color will apply.

Edible Pictures:

*Custom Photo Edible Images are $10 with cake order or $15 cash n carry.
Advance orders are appreciated!

Cake Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate & Marble are included in the price.

*Extra Charge-(see below)
Carrot(No nuts or raisins), Banana(Nut Free), Orange, Lemon Poppy, Almond Poppy, Red Velvet, Confetti, Strawberry, Lemon & Spice

Bavarian Filling and Icing

Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond, Orange, Hazelnut, Cream Cheese Flavored, Mocha,  Raspberry, Strawberry, Salted Carmel, Coconut, Key Lime,  Lemon & Peanut Butter

Fruit Fillings

Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple. Apricot, Blueberry & Lemon Custard

Extra Charge

German Chocolate Icing
Tortes- 3 Layers of cake & 2 layers of filling ROUND CAKES ONLY!
Assorted Cake Flavors above

$5.00      6”- 8”-10”- and ¼ sheet
$10.00    12”-14”-16 and ½ sheet

Diabetic Cakes-8"

Other sizes available with ample advance ordering!

White or Chocolate Cake - Vanilla Icing.
Colors are decorators choice for a boy or girl. We have limited colors due to the expense of the icing.

Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes 8" 

Other sizes available with ample advance ordering!

Gluten Free- 8" Yellow or Chocolate Cake – Any of our bavarian creams for filling and Icing
Vanilla Bavarian Cream  Icing.

Vegan-8"White or Chocolate Cake with a Vanilla Cream Icing.